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In 2023, Kriti Mehra established SpanishVidya, a language school specializing in Spanish language and culture. She has developed a profound understanding of the Spanish language in an effective manner as a result of her years of dedication and enthusiasm

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About Us ​


With Kriti’s efficient method, supported by clear and structured materials, she guarantees success in learning. The unique combination of effort, knowledge, and experience constitutes what Spanish Vidya is today—the right platform that helps you learn Spanish online.

Spanish Vidya was founded with the goals of eradicating linguistic barriers, fostering international understanding, and bridging geographic gaps. The founder and director, Kriti Mehra, felt strongly that India needed a platform where people could expand their horizons through the Spanish language.

We are constantly prepared and ready to help our students pursue their professional and personal goals in Spanish. SpanishVidya values every member’s contribution and has built itself up from the ground up thanks to the dedication of our teachers, managers, and counselors to the Spanish language.

Our goal is to help our students develop exceptional communicative competence, offer a dynamic and engaging learning environment, and contribute to the development of globally minded individuals who have the ability to transform communities by bridging linguistic divides.


We want to be the platform where Indian society and Spanish culture meet, to empower people with linguistic and intercultural competence in a globalized world, to create meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth, and to help meet the growing demand for Spanish speakers around the globe.

Anyone who wants to learn Spanish or prefers learning at their own pace and with flexibility can use the live online platform Spanish Vidya. We offer in-depth, interactive online courses for those looking to improve their curriculum vitae by learning Spanish.

In order for all language learners to become proficient speakers, we put a lot of emphasis on four key areas, including reading, writing, and listening. The methods and approaches favored by the Instituto Cervantes professors are used here to provide education at a very affordable cost.

learn spanish online

Founder’s Journey

Born and brought up in India, Ms. Kriti gives SpanishVidya a real outlook on Indians’ reality and their needs in terms of the academic and professional world. A shy little girl who procrastinated all the time, running away from her problems. However, learning Spanish changed her life forever. Kriti always knew she was not suited for a 9-to-5 job and wanted to do something challenging, but she was directionless.

In 2016, she enrolled in a language course at the Cervantes Institute (Embassy of Spain). After finishing that, she started teaching Spanish to school kids while juggling college. Kriti knew she wasn’t going to stop herself from teaching, as teaching languages was something that enthralled her. Thus, after imparting her knowledge to a number of people, irrespective of their ages, she is proud to say that she has started the right thing.

Kriti has lived in Spain for the past two years and holds a C1 level in Spanish from Cervantes. She is currently working as an English assistant in a bilingual school after previously working in Andalusia. She is friendly and knowledgeable about Spanish cultures, in addition to having a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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