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The best and easiest way to learn and speak fluent Spanish quickly is via three things:

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Private Lessons


Why Opt For Spanish Private Lessons?

Customized lessons: One of the biggest and top-notch advantages of Private Spanish Classes is that the lessons can be simply personalized to match the individual requirement of each student. As per the needs and skills of the students- the pace, focus and goals of each lesson are adjusted which delivers maximum learning efficiency.

Individual attention: The student benefits efficiently from individual attention as the Spanish classes are one-to-one. The teacher boosts the student’s skills through practice and can work together on their weaknesses. Thus making the learning method efficient.

Experienced teachers: For private Spanish classes – skilled and experienced teachers are only hired. They are dedicated to offering one-on-one Spanish classes contingent on students’ requirements.

Career growth: By learning Spanish, you can witness your career reaching new heights. Learning a language is helpful in many ways and a direct ladder to climb the success. It can open different and various career options for you!


The Spanish Private Lessons Packages

Private Tuition – 8 hours – (Fees)

Private Tuition – 12 hours- (Fees)

Private Tuition – 16 hours- (Fees)

Private Tuition – 20 hours- (Fees)

Private Tuition – 24 hours- (Fees)

Private Tuition – 30 hours- (Fees)

All our packages are at reasonable prices. A higher number of hours leads to the guarantee of learning Spanish effectively.

Note: We provide customized private lessons as well! Contact us today for more information.


Follow these 3 steps to join Spanish classes

1. Visit the official website of SpanishVidya, and fill out the form.

2. Arrange your Spanish lessons and explain your needs and discuss availability. Schedule your lessons and pay securely.

3. Discover new experiences and get unlimited access to all classes. Discover new passions with wonderful people. 

Are you all set to dive deep into a new linguistic experience?

SpanishVidya will connect you to the right Spanish tutor, at an affordable price. However, if you have any queries, our customer service executive is glad to provide any assistance to help you start achieving your language goals!

Frequently asked questions

In order to become fluent in Spanish, you need at least 600 hours of studying daily. This can further depend on your current level of language. Start with the basics and dedicate equal time to grammar and vocabulary. Try to communicate in the language daily. You can even begin writing a blog, find friends online to chat with, think and speak in Spanish, and record your voice. After, you achieve a certain level- practice speaking with a native speaker. Also, the best way to learn Spanish is by enrolling in private lessons.

You can attain basic Spanish skills in 300 hours, and you will be able to understand common expressions, have simple conversations, shop, and place orders in about a year. However, if you want to take online Spanish lessons- websites like SpanishVidya connect learners with expert Spanish tutors.

Yes, after the pandemic, remote working and learning became quite common. Join SpanishVidya’s online Spanish course and get ample materials to revise grammar and learn new vocabulary. And in a private lesson, practice speaking and listening as well. Also, clear up the doubts you have about the language and enhance your conversational skills.

A one-hour Spanish lesson costs anywhere from $2 to $100. You can check Spanish tutor profiles to help you make a sound decision, or maybe you can start with the most affordable option, which is Spanish Vidya. Fortunately, they provide bespoke private Spanish lessons as per your needs and requirements. 

Spanish is one of the most used languages, and around 534 million people speak it. Worldwide. Around 460 million native speakers across multiple countries, including 21 countries where Spanish is the official language.

Yes, DELE certificates are internationally approved by authorities, public and private academic institutions, and employers. Along with this, the CELU certificate is recognized by academic institutions and both private and public companies. It is primarily required by foreign students who want to enroll in Argentinian university. Moreover, SIELE is the first digital certificate that is equivalent to TOEFL or IELTS for English. Also, ILCE Spanish CEFR exam system to certify
your Spanish level. Fortunately, Spanish Vidya even offers DELE preparation Course. 

After learning the Spanish language, numerous doors of great opportunities will be open for you. You can work as a translator in any of the big organizations or as a Spanish tutor. You can also visit the country and make a bright career as a professor or opt for any occupation.

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